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19 November 2010 @ 02:13 am
Hello again!

I'm still alive, if anybody reads this anymore. I have a new LJ, and will be posting there from now on. I'm currently working on a lot of new endeavours, one of which involves shiny things. I'll be posting about that on my new journal, as well as updating regularly with the slightly interesting nonsense that makes up my day-to-day existence.


My new LJ.

Please feel free to follow me over. :) It would make me happy.
13 February 2007 @ 09:17 pm
It always rains when we travel any distance. Always. It rained when we went to Albany for the honeymoon. It's rained every trip we've made to Eugene. It rained when we went to Portland last weekend. Rain, rain, rain. Bah.

Portland was fun, though. We went up to see a friend of T.J.'s while he was in town, considering getting his masters there, and it was a blast despite the intermittent drizzling (the rain was much worse toward home). We had some delicious Japanese food for lunch, bummed around Rogue Brews (where Jason procured a large amount of hazelnut brown nectar), stared at Powell's Books (and decided against going in because I was fucking exhausted from waking up at 4AM for no reason), and ultimately ended up in some coffee shop or another that, in my estimation, equaled heaven. The chai was so, so yummy. I'm such a sucker for chai.

Neko Case was playing, which was amazingly serendipitous for Jason, who adores her; we dropped him off after ensuring that he'd managed to get a ticket (and exchanging hugs) and headed back home. We probably should have attended as well.... but *damn* was I tired. Anyway, somebody had to drop off all of that beer.

Now I want chai. I shall go make some.
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29 August 2006 @ 04:05 pm

My husband and I have been watching for houses lately... a task which is largely disappointing but occasionally a tad exciting. Real estate is supposed to be slowing down, so now would be the time for us to buy if we can find something relatively within our price range. Offering ridiculously low amounts is more fun when there's the possibility that a seller will be desperate enough to take it.

Hey, that's what happened to my mom with the old house, eh?

Anyway, so we've been looking at houses and there was one particular day when I had been planning to call Janet and set up some appointments to look at a few. T.J.'s actual hours are 9-6 right now, but he frequently gets mandatory overtime; for that particular week he was supposed to have an hour every day, so 9-7. He first called to say they had cut the hour of overtime and he'd be home at six, then came home for lunch grouchy, having later been assigned the maximum overtime (3 hrs), so 9-9. Needless to say, he was not pleased... but he seemed fine, aside from being grouchy and whiny.

My cell rings around six. It's his manager, and she sounds angry. She asks if he's made it home yet, because she wants to make sure they "understand each other" about him walking out. This freaks me the hell out, because T.J. has a tendency to decide he needs a new job whenever something annoying happens, and this right when we're in the middle of house hunting! Ahh. To make matters worse, the line goes dead while I'm trying to find out what's going on.

Panicked, I call T.J.'s cell, which he has off. I leave a very angry voice mail, pace for a bit, then call again. He answers, sounding quiet and mumbly. I ask what the hell is going on, to which he merely replies, "I'm coming home." More shrilly, I ask again. He repeats the same response. I relate that Angela has called me and he has to work - he can't come home. He tells me he's turned in his badge. (It's a security thing with getting in the building or some such.)

At this point, I start yelling a lot and hang up on him. He calls back laughing.

Apparently the entire site played a joke on him, and there was never going to be maximum overtime. Unknowingly, he had wandered around the building griping at everyone about the overtime that they all knew didn't exist. After he found out, he decided it would be fun to prank me. I was not amused.

I did, however, harness my anger at him to pass the prank on to my mom, who still keeps thinking T.J. has quit his job even though she knows it wasn't real.

I'm still not amused.

23 August 2006 @ 05:20 pm

Okay, just a quick photo. My hair's a bit messy from the wind blowing in the window, and I've been messing with it a lot, so... the little bit of style it had is gone. But it's sooo light, and it's so hot out... it feels brilliant.

23 August 2006 @ 04:54 pm
Like, really cut, for the first time in... ever? No pictures as of yet.
13 August 2006 @ 11:06 pm

Okay, I lied, you won't be. But I am! I've been too busy to take pictures of much of anything in what seems like ages, but I've at last done a few new shots. Behold... the first self portrait since I got my new glasses like two and a half months ago.


Bucket of Blood is probably one of the greatest bad movies ever. There are endless oddities to quote, and I suspect I will never tire of pestering people with said quotes! Mmm, pestering is the best.

Well... so. We tied the knot (literally; we had a handfasting as well as a traditional wedding) on June 6th at Sunset Bay Beach before a blessedly small gathering of people and a few obnoxious teenagers who refused to disappear. The majority of them did, but a couple stayed and watched. It was lovely. I was scared about 5,000 things, but my Aunt Betty and Uncle Bruce showed up unexpectedly with their 5th wheel, which they parked at the camping area at Sunset Bay, and that made for an AWESOME place to change. I could not have had better luck! The gazebo thing we rented smelled a little funny, but it was well worth $20 or whatever it was to have it. My father scouted out the perfect place for the wedding, and the weather was exactly what I hoped for... not too hot, not too cold, and a bit windy. (This presented veil problems but was worth it, because it would otherwise have been a bit warm.)

I dressed myself (wow) and did my own hair in about five minutes flat. I got it down to an art with all of the various self-fittings I had; I managed to hide everything from T.J., which was difficult since we live together, but.. it worked somehow. Anyway, my mom surrendered the music to my Uncle Leroy, who proceeded to ruin it, but aside from that the whole thing went smoothly. I was pleased.

We went up to Albany for our honeymoon, simply because we could get a really nice room there for cheap, and we were not disappointed. (Also, there's an adult shop right next door. Can't get much better, no?) The room was awesome! I was worried Hawaii was going to make it seem crappy, but it was the other way around. We had a spa suite with a king bed, and that spa was awesome. Just right for two people - which I was not expecting, when one of those people was my fat arse. Huh! At any rate, it was well worth the $80something a night, especially when regular rooms nearby were that much and suites without spas were running over $100 a night.

The honeymoon was awesome. I actually really like Albany.. it has personality. We stopped in Eugene on the way back, and I was reminded why I loathe that town entirely... we must have driven around for an hour or two, losing all interest in doing anything, before happening upon a Fashion Bug. Happily, it was on the Buy one, get one for $1 sale day, and I got stuff. Yay, stuff! Then we left. Also yay.

Aside from the wedding, not much is new. Changing your name is a pain in the ass. I'm doing it slowly, but, again - ass pain. At least maybe after it's done I won't get as many things in Spanish. I am really tired of things in Spanish. My father refuses to pronounce my new last name right, however. It's Geise - guy-zee - and he insists on calling it geese, so he can refer to me as a "Portu-geese". Yeah, he's goofy.

I love my daddy, though. He's awesome these days. He sent T.J. a birthday card... awww. My birthday is Friday, but shhh - don't tell anyone.

18 May 2006 @ 02:38 pm

Here's where I've been since Monday:

Not the best pictures... just snapshots from the balcony. I'll be home on Sunday. I'm not looking forward to the long trip back. The in-flight movie was King Kong, which provided me with the sudden and welcome ability to sleep. I'm thinking about going swimming again now. There are caves and waterfalls and such in the pools, and this pleases me.

I have a lot of wedding stuff to get done as soon as we get home, and I should be able to get my new glasses on Monday (finally). I don't get any of my regular email on my laptop, so I'm a bit disconnected from the world, which also pleases me. The world need not follow me here.

Yay, and stuff.

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11 April 2006 @ 07:44 pm
Case in point:

. . .

Hah! Made you look.
07 March 2006 @ 04:43 pm

The patriot act was renewed. [I refuse to dignify the thing with caps.] Who wants to stab me in the eyes first?

30 January 2006 @ 03:20 pm

I just thought I would mention my fiance's mom's eBay store in case anybody here likes spiders.

I think they're nifty.

19 January 2006 @ 09:59 pm

We finally took my ring to get sized today, as the weather is a bit warmer already and a 7 just isn't going to cut it on my sausage like fingers for much longer. Hooray for the 30th-ish, when I shall have a nice roomy 8! Yay that.

We're planning on a Halloween wedding. I have absolutely no idea where one goes to get married on a Halloween, or who one gets to do the evil deed, so this will require a good deal of planning. I'm a little apprehensive about telling the Catholic half of my family about the date - they are a talkative lot; I'll leave it at that - but my real nervousness comes from wondering who will actually come. In truth, I'm not sure if I'm more worried that my family will show up or that they won't. I'm not expecting many of them to make the effort, especially since everybody's moving away from the west coast of late... which at once hurts my feelings and make me feel like the luckiest person ever. Either half of my family is only bearable in small doses; put both together and I think I would have to hide somewhere. I imagine it will be mostly a mixture of T.J.'s friends and family - don't get me started on one of those "friends" - and maybe a friend or two of mine. Mandi, whom I have stolen from T.J., will be there. This is good.

Enough of that, though. Things are pretty good aside from the basement flooding repeatedly with all of this damned rain. The whole park at the end of the road was flooded on New Year's Eve, with only the roof of the bathrooms sticking out of the water; that was a tiny bit of excitement, I suppose. At least it was better than T.J.'s temper tantrum at midnight because I wouldn't give him a drink of my booze. Honestly.

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25 December 2005 @ 12:09 pm
I am engaged to be married.
22 December 2005 @ 04:36 pm
They took away my Monday off.


I refuse to work it.
19 December 2005 @ 10:20 pm

Getting off work at five is still odd to me. I'm used to working until at least ten - sometimes as late as three or four in the morning - and I have to admit that getting up and being done earlier is completely awesome. It's also wondrous to not have to talk to bitter housewives all day; people with contract accounts are so much friendlier - perhaps because they are spending their bosses' money instead? I know I'd be cheerier ordering office supplies on a corporate account than maxing out all of my credit cards on a television shopping addiction. I'll probably still work occasionally on nights / weekends doing the old work, but for the most part... standard business hours, Monday through Friday, are nice. Not having to sell clothes and jewelry is nice. Having responsibility and not just being an order monkey is nice.

I have decided that I really enjoy customer service work, which I would never have expected of myself; I'm not a big problem solving fan in general, but it's fun to actually know how to fix mistakes and have the authority to do what needs to be done. Just taking order after monotonous order and always sounding like a peppy robot was starting to make me feel like a huge phony running on autopilot - but if there's one thing I can say about this new work, it's that I never know what I'm going to get. It's oddly refreshing.

That said, I'm psyched for the holidays. While the money situation has for the most part been steadily improving over the past six or seven years, this year is the big one. Finally, we're all doing okay enough to give the gifts we want to give (mostly). I got my mom a new 19" LCD monitor, which she is absolutely going to love (and totally needs) and Leo a bass guitar package that he should enjoy. He had to sell his several years ago when we were extremely broke. Of course, I got them other things as well, but I shan't list the rest, nor shall I divulge what I got T.J. lest he see it before Xmas. Suffice to say that I am very anxious! I've had the monitor for almost a month now, and it's torturing me. I finished all of my shopping before Thanksgiving, except for a few last minute things that I ordered for T.J. that, knowing Amazon (grr), probably will not get here in time.


Anyway! Hooray for having next Monday off. Mondays are evil.