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19 January 2006 @ 09:59 pm
And possibly she would be covered in bees.  

We finally took my ring to get sized today, as the weather is a bit warmer already and a 7 just isn't going to cut it on my sausage like fingers for much longer. Hooray for the 30th-ish, when I shall have a nice roomy 8! Yay that.

We're planning on a Halloween wedding. I have absolutely no idea where one goes to get married on a Halloween, or who one gets to do the evil deed, so this will require a good deal of planning. I'm a little apprehensive about telling the Catholic half of my family about the date - they are a talkative lot; I'll leave it at that - but my real nervousness comes from wondering who will actually come. In truth, I'm not sure if I'm more worried that my family will show up or that they won't. I'm not expecting many of them to make the effort, especially since everybody's moving away from the west coast of late... which at once hurts my feelings and make me feel like the luckiest person ever. Either half of my family is only bearable in small doses; put both together and I think I would have to hide somewhere. I imagine it will be mostly a mixture of T.J.'s friends and family - don't get me started on one of those "friends" - and maybe a friend or two of mine. Mandi, whom I have stolen from T.J., will be there. This is good.

Enough of that, though. Things are pretty good aside from the basement flooding repeatedly with all of this damned rain. The whole park at the end of the road was flooded on New Year's Eve, with only the roof of the bathrooms sticking out of the water; that was a tiny bit of excitement, I suppose. At least it was better than T.J.'s temper tantrum at midnight because I wouldn't give him a drink of my booze. Honestly.

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