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29 August 2006 @ 04:05 pm
Killing husbands  

My husband and I have been watching for houses lately... a task which is largely disappointing but occasionally a tad exciting. Real estate is supposed to be slowing down, so now would be the time for us to buy if we can find something relatively within our price range. Offering ridiculously low amounts is more fun when there's the possibility that a seller will be desperate enough to take it.

Hey, that's what happened to my mom with the old house, eh?

Anyway, so we've been looking at houses and there was one particular day when I had been planning to call Janet and set up some appointments to look at a few. T.J.'s actual hours are 9-6 right now, but he frequently gets mandatory overtime; for that particular week he was supposed to have an hour every day, so 9-7. He first called to say they had cut the hour of overtime and he'd be home at six, then came home for lunch grouchy, having later been assigned the maximum overtime (3 hrs), so 9-9. Needless to say, he was not pleased... but he seemed fine, aside from being grouchy and whiny.

My cell rings around six. It's his manager, and she sounds angry. She asks if he's made it home yet, because she wants to make sure they "understand each other" about him walking out. This freaks me the hell out, because T.J. has a tendency to decide he needs a new job whenever something annoying happens, and this right when we're in the middle of house hunting! Ahh. To make matters worse, the line goes dead while I'm trying to find out what's going on.

Panicked, I call T.J.'s cell, which he has off. I leave a very angry voice mail, pace for a bit, then call again. He answers, sounding quiet and mumbly. I ask what the hell is going on, to which he merely replies, "I'm coming home." More shrilly, I ask again. He repeats the same response. I relate that Angela has called me and he has to work - he can't come home. He tells me he's turned in his badge. (It's a security thing with getting in the building or some such.)

At this point, I start yelling a lot and hang up on him. He calls back laughing.

Apparently the entire site played a joke on him, and there was never going to be maximum overtime. Unknowingly, he had wandered around the building griping at everyone about the overtime that they all knew didn't exist. After he found out, he decided it would be fun to prank me. I was not amused.

I did, however, harness my anger at him to pass the prank on to my mom, who still keeps thinking T.J. has quit his job even though she knows it wasn't real.

I'm still not amused.