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Triviality Galore!

21 July
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I feel compelled to comment on myself. As my above details would suggest, I'm twenty-three years old and currently living in the lovely, small town of Roseburg, OR. For money-earning and shiny-things-buying purposes, I work as a CSR/sales rep and spend all my time on the phone; this only adds to the fact that I absolutely detest phones and always have. For fun-having and money-wasting purposes, I enjoy digital photography and image editing. I currently own a Canon EOS 20D and a Powershot G5. I also enjoy writing, reading, changing my hair colour, and tasting delicious foods. Amazingly, I have a husband who's willing to live with me, and several pets that have not only not expired, but are actually plump and healthy. Wow!


It is also necessary for me to share the fact that I do post pictures in my journal, though I attempt to keep them small. Additionally, it should be noted that I forget to update frequently, may use naughty words, occasionally make spelling errors, and frequently say things that make absolutely no sense or have no bearing on reality. Also, there is a leprechaun foot sticking out of your trousers.

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